Become a member of the Pennsylvania Chiropractic Association and grow your practice! PCA joins with you as a powerful partner with access to information that will help you navigate professional, business, and clinical challenges, thus allowing you to better serve your patients. Click here for more information on the PCA.

Reduced members-only prices on CE seminars & events
  • Save up to $300+ on PCA sponsored continuing education (half the price of regular membership!)
  • Save enough money to cover the cost of membership in attending just two seminars as a PCA member
  • Save at least $100 in your registration for the annual convention
Save money on promotional and sale items
  • Only PCA members receive reduced rates on items for purchase through the PCA--like the 2016 coding books
FREE access to PCA's Insurance Committee and General Counsel
  • Receive assistance in insurance-related issues, concerns, and questions
  • Having issues with reimbursement? Our Insurance Committee and General Counsel can help
  • Have an audit, legal issue, or question? Our General Counsel is there for you
Join a network of support 
  • Never face audits or insurance companies alone
  • Join THE association that stands for Chiropractors and is led by Chiropractors
  • Find out what is impacting all Pennsylvania DC's and what may be impacting your practice
  • Join the fight for your patients' rights to choose Chiropractic care in all health insurance plans and ensure fair reimbursements for provided services
Exclusive access to resources
  • Annual fee charts (e.g. auto/worker's comp)
  • Important and useful forms 
  • Articles, links, and more!
Be a part of Chiropractic advocacy
  • Help shape the future of the profession in Pennsylvania and beyond
  • Monitor the Pennsylvania General Assembly in Harrisburg to protect your financial and clinical interests
  • Stay informed on the state of Chiropractic
  • Work to keep legislators aware of the proven benefits of Chiropractic and to safeguard your patients' rights to choose and have access to Chiropractic care
  • Support PCA's Political Action Committee (PAC) and PCA's Legal Fund, designed to support Chiropractic through the court system

“I am a retired doctor, who was hit with a $17,000 recoupment request from a Pennsylvania health insurer, TWO years after I retired. As a retired-status member, I immediately contacted the Pennsylvania Chiropractic Association.  PCA’s  staff were responsive and very helpful, including referring me to Mr. Jason Martin, PCA’s General Counsel, for a free legal consultation.

After talking at some length with Mr. Martin, he assisted me with the audit and provided very solid advice. I followed his advice and I was able to resolve the audit with the health insurer without any payment on my part.   I am thrilled with the support I was given by PCA staff and General Counsel Martin’s legal advice.

Thanks to my membership in PCA, I received very responsive and immediate support for my problem.  Most importantly, my membership in PCA saved me $17,000 of my hard-earned money!  Thank you, PCA!”
-Dr. Marc

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